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Homeowners associations (HOA's) are operated by, take actions, and make rules and guidelines through a Board of Directors. When an HOA Board makes major decisions that impact a homeowner's view or makes rule changes for common areas such as pools, parks and clubhouses that harm a homeowner's property, disputes arise.

Unfortunately, many homeowners believe they have no recourse against an HOA Board. They see the Board as a totalitarian regime where majority rules and individual rights have no voice. Real estate attorney Virginia Gaburo of Virginia H. Gaburo & Associates represents homeowners throughout Southern California in HOA and other real estate disputes.

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Attorney Gaburo offer more than 20 years of experience helping clients resolve their property-related disputes through practical and favorable means. Her real estate law firm will provide you with the information and advice to make sound decisions in legal matters against homeowners associations that fail to carry out their obligations regarding:

  • Compromising open spaces or views
  • Unfair changes to landscaping or vegetation
  • Unpopular changes to rules and regulations
  • Failure to maintain common areas
  • Preventing neighbors from breach of agreements
  • Encroachment on property lines
  • Noise and disturbances
  • Enforcement of governing documents

Resolving HOA Disputes Through Mediation

If you have a Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC & R) dispute, homeowners associations are required to have informal dispute resolution procedures in place, and are required to address minority homeowner concerns. We can help.

You must first go through an alternative dispute resolution procedure, like mediation in order to file a lawsuit in California. There are exceptions, if immediate action is required. If an HOA intends to build a playground that will negatively impact your property, for example, we can help you get an injunction to stop construction until the matter is properly mediated.

Homeowners Have Rights, We Give Them a Voice

Whether a landscaping project will block a view you paid more than others to enjoy or you are part of a group of minority home owners in an association dispute, Ms. Gaburo offers the knowledge and experience to assure that you are heard and that your homeowner's rights are protected.

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